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A series of correspondence documenting Susie Harrell's diagnosis of insanity.

Rational_hydrotherapy_-_a_manual_of_the_physiological_and_therapeutic_effects_of_hydriatic_procedures,_and_the_technique_of_their_application_in_the_treatment_of_disease_(1902)_(14596767308) copy.jpg
THE TECHNIQUE OF HYDROTHERAPY. ...By means of one or more blankets folded and placed in the bottom of an ordinary bath-tub, or better still, by means of air pillows filled with water of the same temperature as the bath, or several large water bags…

Building 31, the Hydrotherapy Wing for Men, is significant during the period from 1938 to 1941 as a component of the reconstruction of Agnews State Hospital in a pavilion plan. The 1907 design for the hospital symbolized not only a reconfiguration of…

Patients and staff of the St. Louis City Insane Asylum sit in chairs or stand in doorways along a clean and neat hallway posing for the camera.
Originally called the St. Louis County Lunatic Asylum, the separation of the county and the City of St.…

A manual of the physiological and therapeutic effects of hydriatic procedures, and the technique of their application in the treatment of disease

Milledgeville State Hospital, Central Building, Milledgeville, Baldwin County, GA

This image depicts an informational exhibition of mental hygiene.

Columbus,_Ohio._State_Hospital._Here_the_Works_Progress_Administration_(WPA)_has_a_large_number_of_workers_who_assist..._-_NARA_-_518270 (1).tif
Here the Works Progress Administration (WPA) has a large number of workers who assist in occupational and recreational therapy for patients of the hospital. Photo shows Works Progress Administration women attendants assisting in occupational therapy…
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