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The Toiler.png
Black and white illustration of a laborer kicking capitalism and taking over industry.

lever-food-fuel-control-act-1917 Final Project.pdf
Act passed in 1917, also known as the Lever Act, to help conserve food, creating the US Food Administration and US Fuel Administration.

The Jeffersonian June 7 1917 Combined.pdf
First edition of The Jeffersonian published after registration for the Selective Service Act of 1917.

a map of the Louisville and Nashville railroad track

FDR Page 4.jpeg
Helping Small Farmers, Tenant Farmers, and Sharecroppers on Page 4

FDR Page 6.jpeg
Impact: How the New Deal Changed Rural America on Page 6

This website contains information about the Purple Heart reward in the military and its connection to not only combat exposure but a vast history spanning generations of purple heart recipients

Grain Elevator Image.jpg
A grain elevator built by German immigrants - who brought with them the winter wheat grown locally

(1) A Letter from an Atlanta Socialist.pdf
Article from the Jeffersonian Magazine where the populist author is addressing questions from a socialist.

law of dower pg 1.pdf
Laws and descriptions of law in the United States that effect widows and their legal rights
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