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Atlanta Journal article on the first flight of Ben Epps' "Epps Huff II" monoplane.

The diary of American flying ace Zenos Ramsey Miller. It reads:

Friday, July 19, 1918

The destruction of a Fokker biplane by Lt. Z. R. Miller was reported today. This occurred near St. Remy Oulchy, altitude 2500 meters. Awaiting…

First successful flight of the Wright Flyer, by the Wright brothers.

U.S. pilots in action during WWI. Captain "Eddie" Rickenbacker, known as the U.S. "Ace of Aces", conducts a bombing run over German lines.

A recruitment poster for the USAAS during World War I

Ben Epps stands with the Epps-Huff II, long thought to be Georgia’s first airplane.
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