Tuberculosis treatment in Georgia

Warren B. Brannon was born on July 8, 1893, in Forsyth County, Georgia. After graduating from high school he got married and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Here he worked in the leather industry until World War I. Warren was drafted and served as a Military Police officer. Sometime during the war, he was exposed to mustard gas which left him disabled and with tuberculosis. He was discharged and came back to Georgia but after that, it is not known what happened to him. The only thing that is known is that he died in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1922.

This exhibit is going to explore how and where a veteran with tuberculosis got treated. It will mainly focus on tuberculosis treatment in Arizona due to finding a news article stating that Warren was transferred from Arizona to Nebraska. The first thing that this exhibit is going to talk about is the situation in Georgia. It will explore how Georgia handled tuberculosis and if there was a shortage of tuberculosis hospitals. The second page will explore more about the veteran's life with tuberculosis. This is where one will learn more about acts that were passed that helped veterans with disabilities and the common story of veterans with tuberculosis. The third page will explore Neill MacArtan who was responsible for creating a veterans' hospital in Tucson Arizona. The page will explore more about the life of MacArtan and how he helped the hospital. The fourth page will explore more about the hospital itself. It will mainly explore how the hospital got its funding and how many patients it was able to hold. The fifth page will explore the treatments that were offered at the hospital.


Thomas S