The Temperance Movement in Georgia and the Beck Tragedy

The temperance movement specifcally targeted the consumption and sale of alcohol. Those who opposed the sale of alcohol and wished to do something to combat this issue were the members of temperance organizations. People joined these organizations for a variety of reasons, to reform education about alcohol, to teach those in the community about the dangers of alcohol, or even to fundraise for their cause, much like people do today. Many people looked towards temperance as a cure for the crime, sin, and poverty that seems to travel with alcohol consumption. The argument for temperance and alcohol control also had a focus on protecting the family. Protecting the family became a large focus for these temperance groups as the mental inhibition caused by excessive drinking seemed to lead to domestic disputes and in the worst cases, such as that of Addie Bailey and her sister Ella Beck, murder caused by intoxication and heavy drinking. 


Sydney C