The Eugene Beck Case

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The Eugene Beck Case


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Georgia Reports Vol. 76, Beck vs The State of Georgia
An excerpt from the Georgia Reports Vol. 76 detailing Eugene Beck's appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court on the basis of insanity

On Trial for Life
An article written in the first-person that describes Beck and the murder.

An Exciseman
"An Exciseman, carrying off two kegs of Whiskey, is pursued by two farmers, intending to tar and feather him, he runs for Squire Vultures to divide with him; but is met on the way by his evil genius who claps an hook in his nose, leads him off to a…

Georgia Reports Vol. 76, Beck vs The State of Georgia, p. 457-461
An excerpt from the case summary detailing Beck's and his family's mental issues

Dementia Praecox and Paraphrenia
"Representation of bodily influences. being practised. The patient feels himself hypnotized by a magnet, bewitched, possessed by the god Pluto, surrounded by spirits. A nest of spirits lives in my brain."

Moonshine Still
A picture of a moonshine still at the Center for East Tennessee History

The Sandersville Herald November 20, 1884
A quote from Eugene Beck when asked by interviewers if he remembered or contemplated the killing
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